Earn Reward Credits
when you play games anytime or everywhere. The more you play, the more you receive credits


Get more from your playtime! 
Play and get rewarded with the ultimate loyalty program for 

Unlock Benefits
by reaching one of the 4 member levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond)


Exchange Credits
with exclusive virtual items or ingame money for you favorite games to boost or improve your experience. 

Leave us your email, and we’ll notify you the minute we open the doors.


Receive Reward Credits
when you shop on partner websites, post on partner forums or help gamers of the community 

Receive Offers
on the things you love as a gamer. 


Receive Invitations
for gaming events or competitions.

Like Jeff get more from your playtime

alliance GAME team is currently developping a unique cross-game loyalty program to bring value to the gamers beyond their Gaming experience. All games of the alliance will have you rewarded with Credits to be used to redeem exclusive virtual items  ... and more. Discover all the benefits in this video introducing Jeff, our frequent gamer.  

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